Homeowner laying paver stones

Paving Stones – Step by Step (Part One)

You may not realize it but there’s a lot to using paving stones or pavers. Like most things that are worthwhile in life, they have layers and each layer requires different materials and has different purposes. The first step is to create a base layer

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Paving stones landscaping

Paving Stones: Not Just Rocks (Part Three)

Not only are there many different kinds of materials for paving stones, there’s also many different types of pavers. This means that there is no end to the design elements you want to incorporate and no limit to the visual look you want to achieve.

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Paving Stones: Not Just Rocks (Part Two)

Sandstone is strong, durable and has a nice rustic charm and often the first choice for homeowners when it comes to outdoor paving. Composed of quartz grains and natural cementing materials, sandstone has a completely natural look and feel, with subtle marks and patterns running through it. With a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, sandstone looks completely natural in every garden.

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